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Discover the metaphysical properties of amethyst! A stone of peace, devotion and purity. Change your life with amethyst earrings, bracelets & pendants!

Healing & Metaphysical Benefits of Amethyst

Amethyst | A stone of protection, it purifies negative energy and allows the wearer to be clear, centred and open. It has calming qualities that allows the wearer to be able to get through stressful situations, think clearly and focus. 

Luck & Prosperity | A stone of luck and is good with reducing the tendency to overspend, gambling and unwise investments.

Creativity | Amethyst enhances creativity and passion, brings new ideas and puts thought into action. It strengthen imagination and intuition.

Stress Relief | It's calming qualities allows the wearer to still the mind, and can help with insomnia. Place an amethyst under your pillow and give yourself a good nights sleep.

Business | A great business crystal, carry one with you in meetings, it helps with business negotiations, debates as it helps calm angry temperaments. 

Meditation | A great crystal for meditation, stills the mind and allows the wearer to be centred and open to new thoughts.


Birthstone: February



Amethyst Properties That Will Change Your Life!

We love Amethyst so much that with each purchase we place a small piece of amethyst to provide you with the support that it has always given us.

Why we love Amethyst!

My first crystal experience was an amethyst bracelet. (this is Yen here :) ) I must admit I was one of those skeptics, Ruthii had been dabbling in different crystals and I never thought anything of it until I hit crisis point.

Thinking back to that day I remember...

...Late nights at work, weekend work, too much to do and not enough time, two very young girls and a non supportive husband...

I remember that day so clearly, stressed to the point where my hand just wouldn't stop shaking, I didn't know what to do, I couldn't think, my heart was racing and the first person I called was Ruthii. She suggested an amethyst. In my eyes I had nothing to lose and asked my husband at the time to go out and buy one for me.

The most amazing thing happened...

When he came home with the amethyst bracelet I wore it on my left hand and no jokes within minutes my hand stopped shaking! Unbelievable!

That's why I love Amethyst so much!  

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