A is for Amethyst - the stone of calm, beauty and temperence


Just like the color that it exhibits, Amethyst is an imperial stone whose beauty and venerable properties have continued to be appreciated throughout generations.

The present time identifies it as a semi-precious stone known to soothe and stimulate the mind. The historical nomenclatures of the stone have been the Gem of Fire; the stone of St. Valentine and loyal love. The name of the stone finds its origin in Greek with the meaning ‘not intoxicated’ and is therefore known to bear the logics of sobriety, calm and temperance. Since the ancient times Amethyst has found its application in the prevention of overindulgence.

Amethyst is known as a notable stone of contentment and spirituality owing to its ability to stabilize the mind and inspire a superior meditative state. The intrinsic energy field of the stone purifies the negative attachments and builds an aura of positivity allowing the individual to remain calm, composed and concentrated while walking on the path of spiritual direction. Amethyst’s ability to calm the mind strengthens the creativity, intuition and imagination of its wearer opening a pathway for better understanding and wisdom. It is also identified as the stone of comfort for people grieving the loss of a dear one.

Amethyst’s usage is most significant in situations where new, innovative results were to be derived from the methodologies of the past. Its strong relationship with the creativity of a mind has rendered it titles such as the Artist’s Stone, Poet and Painter’s Stone, the Inventor’s Stone etc. The stone connects itself to the tarot card of Temperance representing balance. It assists not only the healthy mental state but also salubrious physical state. 

Amethyst is peculiarly supportive of the emotional state and works for bringing balance in the lives that have been overworking, overstressing and overwhelming over things. If you have ever had troubles sleeping, pop this little baby under your pillow and enjoy a sweet slumber. By bringing a balance in the mental state, it opens up the mind for wider understanding and wisdom and communicates the existence of transition of things from one form to another. This is perhaps where it finds its usage the most. It helps provide comfort to those dealing with the death of a loved one and initiates a connection with eternal existence. The energies surrounding the amethyst stimulate the Third Eye and form an unbiased perception for the world in our mind. It creates a balance in our thoughts and calms the way we think, respond and act to the world around us. Amethyst gives birth to a sense of deep humility in the mind of its wearer and enables one to surrender to which is greater than the self. It is the stone of spiritual purification and cleanses one’s energy of negative influences, attachments and thoughts. This purification is the fundamental reason for the encouragement of meditating with amethyst.

Amethyst preaches the divination mantra to not link happiness with rewards of any kind. It connotes freedom from harm.