O is for Onyx: The stone of strength, focus and self mastery.


Onyx Bullet Earings 24 ct Gold Plated. Cristina Re Magic and Manifestation Affirmation Cards


Throughout the history, this deep black crystal has been held in high regards for its powers of protection.

The stone has been believed to bring powers of defensive magic and reduction of sexual desires.

Onyx has been held in high regards for consistently and wisely strengthening the understanding that there is no death just the transition of things from one form to another.

It is considered as the best stone for releasing negative emotions such as sorrow, grief and loss.

By ridding the body of negative thoughts, emotions and energies, it works on inducing the feelings of positivity and relaxation. It finds its association with the Root Chakra, the Solar Plexus and the Third Eye. It primarily stands for inner strength, willpower, focus, attention and concentration, discipline, reason and self-mastery.

The Onyx stone has been thought to raise one’s persistence and resistance and enables one to excel in completing unmanageable tasks. The stone works on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. On the mental level, it aids in the increased focus, attention-span, memory retention and concentration of an individual.

In the physical realm of the body, it helps in overcoming fatigue and lethargy which one may experience after a prolonged routine at work. The increased mental focus applies to staying dedicated on attempts to improve one’s bodily health such as a workout regime.

The stone facilitates the feelings of achievement, satisfaction and contentment which come when one successfully reaches the set goals.

Onyx soothes conditions such as stress, panic, mood swings etc. The stone works throughout the first, third and sixth chakras and enhances physical vitality, will power and mental activity respectively.

The presence of the stone can help curtail the feelings of nervousness in a person. In the spiritual sense, it assists one in integrating their religious reflections and it also consolidates the energies of the other stones. By keeping one’s will power and focus on the line, it aids one in mastering the self. The balanced mental state allows one room for understanding one’s own perception and developing one’s actions accordingly.

It is the best stone for people who often experience their actions getting influenced by the thoughts, opinions and actions of others. The stone assists one in coming to the realization that the most crucial control is self-control and hence self-mastery is all that one must focus on.

Its prime association with the Root Chakra assists in dealing with the challenges and obstacles in life in particular the ones caused by a drain of energy.

It helps one is comprehending the concept of what lies beyond and aids one in getting in touch with their ‘roots’ and reality. Onyx stone make it a point to not let one drain oneself of energy and eliminate excess or unwanted energy.

It therefore helps in maintaining just the right balance of energy in the body. The contemporary usage of onyx includes the increased stamina, strength, vigor and self-control.