T is for Tiger - The eye that protects

Symbolizing the integrity and courage of a tiger, as portrayed in the Eastern mythology, the Tiger’s Eye is the all-seeing, all-knowing eye.

The stone is among the most ancient amulet that grants one the power to observe everything. It is primarily linked to an undying strength and stands for the right use of power.

History has regarded this stone as a stone of fortune and prosperity which protects one’s resources and reflects back threats or malice from others.

The warm, radiant energy of the stone is a synthesis of the energies of the Sun and the Earth bringing in harmony the spiritual and the physical world. Known for integrity, it imparts lessons on balancing between extremes of good and bad, right and wrong, dark and light, high and low. Basing one’s choice on practicality and compassion, it gives a new perception to one’s mind.

The Tiger’s Eye is vigilant and therefore brings sharpness in the understanding of the cause and effect paradigm.

The stone inspires creativity and clarity of intention strengthening the will of an individual to utilize their abilities to the best of their talents. The stone is often regarded as the stone of luck and good fortune as it attracts a steady flow of money. It warns against complacency and encourages one to challenge one’s own thought paradigm in order to grow. Tiger’s eye is one of the best friends that you can turn to in times of crisis as it keeps one from making a wrong decision. It can potentially be used to enhance prompt and quick decision-making skills and reflecting on one’s actions and the consequences they will bring.

The stone works in restoring strength and vitality thereby brining a balance between the physical and emotional levels. It stimulates the endocrine system and can potentially promote fertility. The energy of the Sun held by the stone helps in ridding the mind of depression and Seasonal Affective Syndrome by creating a balance in the brain’s hemispheres. It has been used traditionally to cure throat and eyes disorders along with relieving asthma attacks and lowering blood pressure. Tiger’s eye is an incredible stone for the mind in that it balances extremes and brings together the thoughts and feelings of an individual to make sense. It is remarkably effective in reliving second thoughts, doubts and dilemmas especially the ones triggered by negative emotions such as envy, hatred and pride. It imparts the necessity of needs rather than wants of an individual.

In addition to the healing of issues such as self-criticism and worth, it provides a rather stable energy for meditation. It induces a deep sense of peace in the mind and resonates with the energy of the Sun for the sustenance of the soul. Meditating with this stone initiates a magnificent state of high-vibrations that encounters with the journey both inside and outside the mind. Staying determined in that meditation state enables one to enter a state of bliss where one’s heart opens for unconditional love and compassion. One of the most significant usage of the Tiger’s Eye is found in boosting the will power of an individual allowing him/her the growth parameter. Another remarkable benefit of the stone is the elevation of the observational powers of an individual which enables one to protect oneself against varied threats, malice and negative energies.

The Tiger’s Eye preaches the divination mantra of standing tall and firm and not giving up even and especially when one hits an obstacle in one’s journey of life, occupation or love.