C is for Citrine - The stone of creativity and abundance


Citrine carries the power of the Sun in that it is full of warmth, energy, life and comfort.

It is primarily a stone of manifestation. Its energy is purely yellow which persuades new beginnings and fresh pursuits.

The stone is a transparent yellow variety of Quartz which is among the only two crystals on Earth that need no cleansing. The name Citrine finds its origin in the French word citron which means lemon.

The stone varies in color from pale to golden yellow, honey or almost brown. The stone is often named as The Merchant’s Store likely because of its properties of potentially increasing the wealth and maintaining it.

It is the stone of abundance that attracts prosperity, wealth and success. It induces a feeling of generosity and assists in financial speculation. Carrying a citrine stone in one’s purse helps in limiting the amount one spends.

Citrine is a crystal that induces positive effects on all spheres of life. As a professional support stone, it improves interactions for people who are involved in occupations that run on interactions such as media, sales, merchant banking etc.

It is the perfect stone for artists of all kinds as it sparks the creative juices and helps expanding one’s imagination. On the emotional level, it aids in developing interpersonal relationships and leads way for compassion and understanding. The stone energies attract vibes of love and happiness guarding you against those with negative intentions. It could also be used as an effective shield against envy, spite and rage.

For the physical health of the body, it enhances physical energy and stamina, improves the endocrine system and promotes increased metabolism.


By opening one’s heart to the joys of life, the yellow energies of the stone bring in harmony the various chakras associated with intelligence, creativity and manifestation. The golden energies of the stone establish a firm clarity between the body and the intellect of a person.

This balance leads to clarity of thought, expression and action. Citrine is perhaps an excellent crystal for people who are over-sensitive and vulnerable to outer influences and energies.

The yellow light energy induces a feeling of deep warmth and fills the body with positive energy thereby shielding it from any harmful field. Meditating with the Citrine stone opens the pathway of inner thought.

When meditating with the stone, one can feel the sun-like warmth entering into one’s soul. The deep-state meditation also allows for the flow of the Universal Life Force and brings forward the thoughts and images of the subconscious mind.

The stone helps in creating a balanced harmony among the emotional, spiritual and physical health of the body. It is peculiarly useful for people who have been experiencing lack of emotional and physical capability.

A Citrine sphere or angel gifted to a newborn can bring health, intelligence, happiness, curiosity, wisdom and confidence in the baby. The stone fades in the sunlight and therefore the best place for it is in the wealth corner of your home.

While its energy focuses on bringing in positivity, it may intensify aggressiveness in some. Citrine is not a recommended stone for people who are short-tempered in nature or have a tendency to gossip or slander.

The Citrine stone preaches the divination mantra of clearly communicating about the needs and ideas of oneself.