R is for Rose Quartz - the stone of love, self love, happiness and beauty

 Rose Quartz Bullet Earings and Necklace 24ct Gold plated. Cristina Re Magic and Manifestation Affirmation Cards

Rose Quartz Bullet Earings and Necklace 24ct Gold plated. Cristina Re Magic and Manifestation Affirmation Cards

Rose Quartz – the stone of Love

This gentle pink-colored crystal carries with itself a feminine energy of peace, compassion and tenderness. The stone of love converses unswervingly with the Heart and uses its healing power to heal emotional wounds, insecurities, fears and resentments.

Roze Quartz provides a deep sense of personal contentment and fulfillment by rekindling the heart’s own intrinsic love. Also known as the Heart Stone, it promotes the deepening of bonds between friends and family while taking great care of inspiring the love of beauty in oneself as well as others.

The stone has been used widely as a love token since 600 B.C. and nourishes music, art and the written word--beauty that inspires the imagination of an individual.

The stone has been held in the highest regards for its supremacy of physical beautification which led to its use as a facial mask by Romans and Egyptians for ridding themselves of wrinkles and clearing the complexion.

The honor of the stone has also been highly regarded by the Oriental cultures. The stones name is derived from the soft rose color in which it abundantly occurs throughout the world. Its color is indifferent to heat, sunlight and other similar factors.

Rose Quartz is often named as the motherly stone owing to its healing properties that aim at the flourishing of self love, confidence and fulfilment. The stone possesses equally incredible physical, emotional, spiritual and healing and balancing energies. 

Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart and thus heals emotional imbalances, injuries or scars by penetrating deep into the Heart Chakra. Love is an essential part of the human life and Rose Quartz’s calm, nurturing energy purifies the heart of all impurities and induces a deep feeling of self love which acts as the pedestal for giving love to others.

With this emotional healing, it brings all the other Chakras in harmony with the Heart Chakra thereby balancing the energy fields of the body.

The red, pink and deep-pink colors of the stone emit vibes of commitment and determination and meditating with these vibes aids one in developing the highest intensity of compassion for oneself, others and the Universe by suspending feelings of anger, resentment, fear, anxiety and suspicion.

The stone forms a resilient bond between one’s heart and the hearts of the Earth and the Universe. The vibrations of the stone enter deep into the cellular level and heals the body for joy and longevity with feelings of despair and disappointment disappearing. With its Light of Healing, it brings the rejuvenation of hope and faith in the benevolence of the Universe.

Rose Quartz preaches the divination mantra to forgive oneself for the mistakes committed in the past and develop the courage to say no to other’s opinion.