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Discover the healing properties and meaning of Onyx! Enjoy a combination of strength, perseverance & determination with an Onyx bracelet, necklace or earrings!

The Hidden Onyx Meaning

Onyx | A stone of courage, strength, self confidence and dispels fear.

It creates harmony by providing balance, helps keep the peace in stressful households. It helps release negative emotions and therefore a great stone for sorrow and grief. It brings good fortune and personal strength.

Athletes stone | helps the wearer finish what they started, giving them the perseverance to continue until the job is complete, great for those who are looking to lose weight, body builders who want to achieve a goal and athletes in continuing what they started.

Stone of Protection | Onyx is grounding and prevents the draining away of personal energy therefore great for protection.

Onyx Birthstone: July



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What Are The Healing Benefits Of Onyx Jewelry & How To Enjoy Them!

Why we love it?

Don't let issues drain you of your energy, just thinking about it can sometimes make you tired and lack lusted. Onyx helps protect you of your energy by grounding you and keeping you centered.

A great stone for those wanting to achieve results! It helps you finish what you started, with perseverance and determination.