A bit about us


We are absolutely in love with the wonderful world of crystals and their healing benefits.

Jewels in Harmony was created to provide beautiful pieces of crystal jewellery that remind us of our strength, to make clear the cloudiness of our minds, and to make us shine when at times we may feel a little dim. Jewels in harmony was created to add that touch of 'sparkle for your soul'.

We are two sisters who through life and life's magical journies (maybe moreso challenging at the time but magical when you look back) discovered how much these crystals can help re-centre, re-balance and re-ignite the way we look and feel about life.

Call it a divorce, call it a difficult negotiation, call it a bad life choice or event - life challenges are bound to happen. They happen because they are meant for us to learn, to challenge us in order for us to grow. Life happened to us, and is still happening each day (thankfully), but how we choose to feel, to act, and to behave can be supported through these amazingly spiritual healing benefits.

Crystals have helped us so much in our life, and they continue to do so each and every day. They calm us and keep us grounded, they inspire and push us to challenge our perceived limitations,  they provide a strength and help build our confidence when we feel there is no way out. We want to share this with the world, we want to share this with you - to inspire you to step outside your comfort zone and be your truest and best version of you.

'LOVE, HOPE & HARMONY'  is our mantra.

We believe that love is always the answer. Love starts with you. Love yourself, be confident and take time to realise that you are important.

Wake up every morning feeling hopeful for a better day - a wonderful life. Be who you want to be.

Celebrate life and beam at your highest vibration. Draw in success and happiness by just being you.

We love crystals and know you will too, Check out our range of healing jewelry!

Be the light to guide your own path